Sound Therapy

Sink into the magic of sound therapy, allowing the deeply immersive sounds & vibrations to help you relax and heal. A great way to pause in the hectic lives we are expected to live. 

1-2-1 Sound Healing Session

Coming Soon

A 60 minute 1-2-1 Sound Healing Session using various instruments to help balance your Chakras and find peace.

Group Sound Baths

A 90 minute group sound bath featuring various instruments including singing bowls, drums, flutes and other instrument’s. Designed to help promote relaxation. 

Hand Made Rattles

The rattle is a tool used in paganism and shamanic practices for healing, journeying and calling to Spirit in ceremony. Our rattles are birthed in ceremony and made with love. 


As well as offering wellbeing sessions I am also an avid photographer. Photography allows you to capture a moment in time – be it a stolen kiss between lovers, the guest of honour arriving at a party, a bird taking flight on the hunt for its dinner or the sun setting over the sea setting the sky on fire. These little moments make up life and remind us why we are here.


Art allows us to work with and look at our feelings, emotions and themes in our lives. I work with various medium’s, ranging from wax to digital art to create images inspired by nature, Spirit and life.