Sound Therapy

What Is Sound Therapy? 


Sound Therapy is the practice of using various instruments to create deeply immersive sounds & vibrations to help the body to heal and relax. It can be the perfect escape from our hectic lives, where we experience pressures and demands on our attention non-stop throughout the day.


At a basic level, sound created during a session provides a focus for your attention, helping you relax. Stop worrying about anything going on in your life and take a moment of “me” time to unwind.


At a physical level, our bodies as well as everything else is made up of vibrations. If any part of our body is not vibrating in harmony with our true self or our environment then we can experience dis-ease which can lead to poor health and illness. As sound is made up from vibrations, we can use various instruments to create sound and therefore vibrations to try and help bring any unbalanced parts of the body back into harmony. 


A 1-2-1 Sound Therapy Session can be designed to focus on a specific issue you are experiencing, such as sore joints or tension in the body. 


A group sound bath can be more akin to a group meditation session as it cannot focus on any particular issue you may be having, but can help bring a moment of peace to a hectic day. 


As you might indulge in a relaxing hot bath after a stressful day, you can achieve this with a sound bath – all without getting wet! You can lay back and submerge yourself in waves of sound as they wash over you, helping your mind let go and relax. 

The Tools of the Trade

Tuning Forks

Tongue Drum


Crystal Singing Bowls


Frame Drum

Wind Chimes

Wooden Flutes

Tibetan Singing Bowls