I often have to argue why LGBT rights matter. Why should who I love matter, why should it matter who I go to bed with when it comes to work.

To put it bluntly, it matters to me. I don’t expect you to start work and stop thinking or commenting about your different sex lover. Who I love matters a lot to me. At the end of the day, it does not affect you in a significantly meaningful way. But it does to me.

If I were in a heterosexual relationship would anyone bat an eyelid? I could get a woman pregnant and at worst be called a git of a dad if I walked away and ignored them. But heaven forbid (I do use that in what I feel is an appropriate sense )I love a person of the same sex, well the world will end.

Weather will go mad, wars will rage – all over the fact I choose to love someone who has the same reproductive organs as myself. We can ignore the man who makes 20 women pregnant as its a heterosexual relationship……

I want to put it in words everyone understands but I do struggle. If who I love matters to you, someone who had no relationship with you, who has nocontext with with you, then please say. I am not stopping you from passing on your legacy. I have no objection to you if you choose to pass on your genes. Your strong hetrosexula genes..,. Of course that will result in more hetrosexulal babies – not.

being blunt, my parents are hetrosexual, my grandparents before them were hetrosexual. I apologise if my choice, however natural and forced upon me as it feels offends you. I dated girls, I tried to be ‘normal’ but for me it did not work.

I seem to like men.