If I came out and said I’ve given up smoking, or decided to go on a diet I’m pretty sure the response would be a total 180 to the one I seem to get when I say I’ve decided to give up alcohol. 


What – for good? 

Surely you’ll have a drink for your birthday? 

Why are you doing that? 


I do wonder if we discovered the effects drinking alcohol has today if it would have been allowed to be sold? The same as cigarettes now we know the full benefits? 


I won’t deny – I do miss the nice buzz a glass of wine gives you – at least after the first sip. It’s just when you move onto the next glass and then the bottle is empty. I’m not sure I could ever be one of those people who can just have the one – however much I would like to be. 


Having tried non-alcoholic drinks, especially the wines, a large part of that feeling seems to just be down to the action of lifting a glass to my head. The placebo effect is strong young padawan… 


Will I ever have a drink again? Who knows – it’s the old adage of never say never. For now I think I’m happy gowing one day at a time and seeing how this journey unfolds. The benefits I’m seeing at least seem to outweigh the existential dread you feel the morning after drinking a bottle of nice wine.