Peace & Serenity Spray

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A combination of essential oils and moon water designed to help promote peace and serenity. Use it to clear a space of negative energy or cleanse the aura. Can also be used to aid sleep by spraying on your pillow.

Each spray is in a 100ml bottle with a spray top. This spray is citric acid free.

4 reviews for Peace & Serenity Spray

  1. Lesley

    I Spray this on my pillow for a restful sleep, the added bonus is it smells Devine.

  2. Keeley Hudson

    I purchased the Peace and Serenity Spray , as I have trouble sleeping/staying asleep .
    I spray it on my pillow just before I go to sleep and I’m having the best sleep .
    Will definitely order more 😊

  3. Tina

    I would highly recommend this spray if you are looking for help to relax in a peaceful atmosphere. I use it frequently, especially when I go to bed.

  4. Paula

    I have the peace and serenity spray and I love it. I use it most days just around the house to make the house smell good – still seem to have loads left too. It’s definitely a gentle and calming aroma and is especially useful for relaxation and meditation.

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