And here is the second part of the two part set of poems….


Each of you was there, a part of my life

Loving each and every one of you in your own way

You opened a door into my heart, never to forget you

But the time has come to say goodbye

To close these doors and end the heartache

So I’m writing this poem, to tell you all I’m better

I’ve come out of the tunnel and it’s a shinning new day

I’ve woken from years of slumber and found there’s more to life

Never again will I wonder why

I’ve learned to accept it; life is a road full of experiences

Each of you taught me a little bit about me

Shoed me how to love and how to laugh

How to cry and how to hurt

With each day that’s passed, I’ve learned a little bit more

Learnt who I really am, the person I should have always been

Never again will I let a memory get me down

Or worry it will never work

I’m better than each and every one of you because I’ve learnt from you

I’ve taken the pain and hurt

Shaped it into my shield and sword

So each and every battle I fight to win

I fight to show I no longer care how much I’ve cried over you

I’ve taken all the love and happy memories

Shaped it into a box to keep my happy memories

Memories to remember who I am, where I came from

So I never forgot I am me, I am a person in my own right

Never again will I forget and let someone hurt me to my very soul