Injury is a bitch, especially for athlete’s. 

However much we might kid ourselves, when we start to train and compete we put our bodies under stress and something is going to give eventually – be it a simple twisted ankle, a sprain or something more serious.  I was taking part in the Colour Run at Penshurst Place recently when I managed to do an impressive face plant in the mud, ironically walking…… After having the medics come and rescue me from the top of the hill, a friend brought me all the way home. Follow that up with a few hours at the local hospital and several x-rays and I was diagnosed with a badly sprained ankle.  

Fast forward a few weeks of being housebound on crutches with a few trips into the outside world on a wheelchair and I can safely say cabin fever has set in. Going from swimming near enough daily with the occasional bike ride or run thrown in for a bit of a laugh (well – I am trying to train for my first Triathlon…) to sitting on the sofa for 99% of the day watching TV is a little bit of a shock.  Ok, for the first day or two it was nice to kick back and not worry about getting up and getting to the pool for 6:30am. But passed that the walls are starting to draw in. I’m now counting down the days till I’m given the all clear to at least go swimming. Slip into the water and stretch out.    

I just need to remember to ease back in gently rather than going hell for leather otherwise I may find myself back on the couch recovering from another injury.