I probably should have written this a month or so ago, but the madness that is COVID19 seems to have thrown everything up in the air. So here goes….. a lot of this was written pre-lockdown when races were still going ahead and we were all still out training at full pelt.

Cancer is a b!tch – pure and simple.

I’ve got the bling bug…. doing events knowing I will pick up a shiny medal at the end of whatever torture I’ve decided to put myself through that day. As such, I might have signed myself up to one or two or ten or more events this year….. including two events that will count towards my London Classics Medal – Ride London and Swim Serpentine.

Given I’m going to put myself through all these events as well as the training needed to make sure I don’t fail, I might as well raise some money for an amazing cause.

So, the plan is that during the course of 2020 I am going to run, swim and cycle my way through 1000 miles – a mixture of training and official events. All with the aim of raising money for Brainstrust – a charity helping people diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Just to put some context into that distance…. according to Strava in 2018 I managed 362 miles and last year I topped out at 675 miles.

So if you can help out and drop some pennies into the pot….. I will be a happy chappy as I smile my way through to the end..