Ok, let’s get one thing out of the way before I go on…. I have a small dislike of people who can sing or play an instrument…. And when I say dislike, that could be translated as hatred. Ok, not hatred…. but jealousy. Extreme jealousy – total, I’m going to throw gummy bears at you along with my glass of wine, jealously [and if you know how much I like my wine you know what an extreme reaction that is]. And I make no apologies for that ever so small bit of jealously – anyone who can express their emotions that way has such a gift. It’s safe to say if I go full musical not only will my other half complain, but most of the people within a 5-mile radius will also be calling the police to report someone strangling a cat. I am tone deaf…. But damn it, I LOVE to sing.

I am a fan of musicals – that could possibly be an understatement. I LOVE them. A character walking on stage and just singing what they are feeling – either releasing the sadness or charging themselves with the energy a good power ballad brings. It can be a truly magical moment and something amazing that you share with everyone in the theatre alongside you.

Music has power – there is no denying that. The beat of the song in time with your heart, changing your mood along with the feeling of the song. It is hard to listen to a good power ballad and not find yourself energised, or a sad song and not just want to cry.

Take Schitt’s Creek – once you have watched the entire series, it is hard not to listen to The Best by Tina Turner and not smile. From Season 4 where Patrick sings a country version to David, right up until the finale, that song became an anthem to the series. [Disclaimer – that is probably the most played song in my music library].


Ally McBeal had a theme song to her life at the behest of her therapist. Well, not one….. several. They altered with her attitudes to life. And that is the beauty of music – no matter your mood, there is a song. It took me a while to learn to adjust my music to the mood I wanted to achieve. When I was grumpy, I would turn towards the likes of “Can I Play With Madness” from Iron Maiden – angry, screaming music. While that is how I might have felt at the time it only increased that feeling as attempted to belt along to it and did not really help adjust my mood to something calmer. Swapping to a ballad helped me relax and take stock and look at why I was in that grumpy place.